Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is: and is the official website of the IIM Lucknow Alumni Association.


The IIM Lucknow Alumni Association shall collect only such data elements on its members that enable the Association to:

(a) contact the member to distribute news and other Association or IIM Lucknow related materials, or for a specific professional purpose.

(b) enable the classification of the member into categories based on area or sector of work, organisation, seniority level, accomplishments, location, and areas of interest, thus enabling the member to be contacted with regard to a specific request or opportunity

(c) allow the addition of key contact details to specific professional forums including batch and location groups, sector interest groups, and others

(d) allow the conduct of an Association activity or event.

In all the above, the Association shall strive to collect the minimum required information to enable these objectives, and shall actively try not to collect information or data that is peripheral in nature.


All data related to individual members collected by the Association shall be:  

  1. held in a secure manner  
  2. used only to meet specific objectives of the Association
  3. released on a selective basis within the IIML community for reasons of genuine requirement and ensuring privacy and protection
  4. shall not be disclosed to external organisations except with the express consent of the member concerned.


The Association may collect data on its members through a wide variety of means, including but not limited to voluntary submissions by the member, from activities and events, and from social media.


The Alumni Association will retain information about its members as defined in Section 1 in perpetuity. The alumnus can request that they not be contacted or that their contact details not be made available to any other alumni or persons; that they be unsubscribed from certain forums; and such requests shall be executed by the Association in a timely manner to the best of its ability.


The Association shall not share or disclose any member data in part or in whole with any third party without the express consent of the member to whom the data pertains under any circumstances.

This does not apply to situations where the member provides their data to a third party as part of an event or activity.

Further, this does not apply where the Association is compelled to share data due to the law of the land or similar compulsions.


The Assocation may retain member data in online databases, repositories and forums. However, the method of retention shall be such that the data is not visible to the public, unless with the express consent of the member concerned.

Other members of the Association may have visibility of the data pertaining to other members, however this would be possible only after a security process has been undergone preferably including logging in into a secure forum. A member may request that their data is not visible to other members, and the Association shall try to ensure that on a best efforts basis taking into account the nature of the repository and any technological limitations.