What’s IIML Day?

Thanks for the overwhelming response. Registrations for the event are now closed!

The first Saturday of December shall henceforth, every year, be celebrated as IIML Day.

Next year, IIML turns 40!

To commemorate the Institute’s long & successful journey, it has graduated 13,000+ alumni and trained
thousands of executives, mentored other institutes, achieved an international ranking … and so on.
IIML Day is a celebration of all things IIML.

This will be an annual celebration going forward. Alumni will mark the day by meeting each other in a variety of forums, to honour their shared heritage.

IIML alumni are encouraged to wear the commemorative t-shirt for this year on the occasion.

A simple concept. Wherever you are on this day (Saturday, Dec 2nd, 2023), please meet your fellow IIML alumni.
Enjoy, chat, network, have fun. And celebrate what we all share – IIM Lucknow.

This is an informal event. No registrations required. Nothing to be paid (just pay your own bill on the day).

  1. Select a venue.
  2. Order your commemorative t-shirt. It would be nice for everyone to wear this t-shirt on the day
  3. Inform your venue coordinator that you will attend.
  4. Turn up, and enjoy!
  5. Take a photograph of the gathering, send it to us, and win prizes!

For any queries, please feel free to reach us at celebrate-iiml-day@iiml.org OR any of our volunteers

Thanks for the overwhelming response!
Registrations for the event are now closed!