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Thanks for the overwhelming response. Registrations for the event are now closed!

Help us make a mark!

The idea behind IIML Day is for alumni in all locations to meet up, get to know each other, network, and
celebrate our shared IIML heritage.
This is a flexible, informal event.

Here are a few notes to help you get started.

(1) Type of get-together:

An alumni get-together on occasion of IIML Day can be of any type.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner. A morning walk. An evening stroll. Indoor cricket. Bowling. Chess. Carrom.
A picnic. Seeing a movie. A book reading (really?). A trek. Drinks in the evening. Coffee. Rollerblading down the street.
In fact, the more innovative the better.

(2) Venue:

The venue would depend on the type of activity. Rather than a central team specifying the venue, we’d like you to choose one.
For example, you can select Nirula’s at Malad East, or Ravindran Dosas at Egmore High Street, Daisy Bowling at the Fun Mall,
or the Taj Tea Room. All are acceptable.

(3) How Large?

Again, we leave the decision of how many alumni you invite to you. Take into account the capacity of the venue you are
selecting … and leave space for other customers! Also, if possible, do not book a certain number in advance, unless you have
firm commitments from that number of alumni. Small get-togethers are perfectly fine, as are large ones.

(4) Costs & Finances:

We want to keep it simple. Alumni will turn up, and pay their share of the costs at the venue. There is no registration, or
payments in advance. Please avoid incurring costs in advance.

These are the steps we recommend you take:

  1. Decide an activity
  2. Select a venue. This can be a restaurant, a place, or even your home.
  3. Decide the max capacity keeping the venue and other customers in mind.
  4. Decide the event start time and approximate duration.
  5. Estimate the cost per person (only to inform alumni).
  6. Let us know these details by email((include the venue address).
  7. We will put the information on this website, and your email id.
  8. Alumni will contact you directly to RSVP that they are coming.
  9. Help us reach out – contact your batchmates and other alumni, to ask them to come.
  10. Correspond with your attendees (e.g. insist they wear the t-shirt, or any other T&C)
  11. Be there on the day, have fun!
  12. Take a photograph of the gathering, send it to us, and win prizes!

Managing Financials

  • Every alumnus who attends an event is expected to pay their own bill immediately.
  • We recommend this model (as opposed to collecting money upfront, or worse, collecting it later).
  • Do make this clear to the attendees before and during the event
  • Since this is not a sponsored event, and we have no source of revenue, the Association unfortunately cannot pick up any costs.

Thanks again for holding an event. You’re helping keep the spirit of IIML alive.

For any queries, please feel free to reach us at OR any of our volunteers

Thanks for the overwhelming response!
Registrations for the event are now closed!