Quizzing enthusiasts from across the IITs and IIMs in the country descended in hordes to IIM Lucknow for Nihilanth 2012, the annual inter IIT-IIM Quizzing extravaganza. It was held across three days (Jan 20-22, 2012) in the IIM Lucknow Main campus in conjunction with Manfest, the annual management festival of IIM Lucknow.

There were six keenly contested quizzes ranging from Sports and Entertainment to General and Business. Eminent quiz masters like Arul Mani, G Sreekanth and Mitesh Agarwal conducted the proceedings with elan. Time was no bar for the participants in this Mecca of quizzing. Many of the quizzes went on till 5 AM in the wee hours of the morning with rival teams locked in the battle of trivia and wits.

Says Selva Shankar, one of the organizers from the quiz club, Quizzing Commoners of IIM Lucknow, “Quizzing has always been a forte of IIM Lucknow. But this was the first time that we have hosted Nihilanth. It was a proud moment for the organizing team.” Echoing his comments, Sounak Chakrabarti, also a club member said that it was a dream come true for him.

The evolved quizzing format included ‘pounces’ where correct answers via calculated risks got you more points and wrong answers led to penalties. Many a time quiz leaders had to be content with second place in the end when they were ‘outpounced’ by their opponents.

IIT Roorkee and IIT Guwahati had the maximum guest team participation while a lone enthusiast made this quizzing pilgrimage from IIM Indore. Although others had strengths in numbers, it was IIM Ahmedabad who won the ultimate laurel with maximum scores in this contest where every team fought it out tooth and nail.

(article and pictures contributed by IIML’s student club Quizzing Commoners)

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