“Here comes yet another bunch of them”, thought the creatures of IIM Lucknow when they saw a new bunch of people getting into the Gates of IIM Lucknow. A cursory glance at these hapless folks and one could sense the utter “as usual-ness” of these anxious yet happy faces. But every once in a while, there come the exceptions to the rule, the ones who are less “as usual” than the others. Such is the batch of PGP 2016-18. “Yeah, so claims every random facchha that enters these gates” may be one of those things that may come to the mind of a seasoned HelLite upon seeing these seemingly myopic, run-of-the mill pompous claims. So let us give this batch a closer look.

This batch comprises some of the most talented people across the country and some students from Nepal too. You have equal probabilities (literally) of bumping into a 100 percentiler in CAT or a National level basketball player. Did I tell you that one of them is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and is on her way to be a YouTube sensation? Then there’s that girl who plays basketball like a Lauren Jackson, sings like Adele and does ballet like a dream. Go to any class and you’ll find doctors, CAs, engineers, lit majors; all of them equally clueless about what’s in store for them. There is a super talented guitarist who just happens to be an ex-scientist at Indian Space Research Organisation (I know, just like that!) Some super talented crowd, eh?

“But aren’t all of them supposed to be special? Isn’t being special like a minimum requirement present on the readme.txt of a place as elite as IIM L?” This might also be a question which may need some answering and I could list out examples of even more impressive and more than just special or gifted people but still it may not be convincing enough. Such is this place. And I also believe having talent means nothing unless something of substance is done with it. PGP32/ABM13 has arrived and is raring to go. If it can leverage all its collective energies and capabilities, it could make and be a difference. The hopeful in me hopes that a few years down the line, the creatures of IIM Lucknow will proclaim “we witnessed batch of 2018”. Till then, let’s work.

Author: Abhijit Routray

Submitted by: Kriti Singh

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